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hydraulic paper plate machine( model-HY 301)
  • Fully automatic Paper Plate Making Machine
  • No Labour Required
  • 5000 Pieces/Hr
  • laminated or non laminated
manual paper plate making machine
  • 4 to 14 inches
  • 900 to 1800 piece in one hour
  • 220V-50 Hz (single phase, domestic light)
semi automatic paper plate making machine
  • Only we have made this machine in the world
  • 2 lakh Pieces/10 hr
  • Any size of wrinkle paper plate
  • Machine takes the paper itself
About Our Company

Hearby our company is giving an opportunity to connect with us in new style of buisness which will provide all the products facinated in the paper plate making industry.The products are approved and raw materials are bieng tested by the food product department. With the commitment to creating decisive value proposition, we employ excellent practice in manufacturing Paper Plate Making Machines [ 2 LAC PLATES IN 8 HRS.] which will make u to achieve a great success and aspiration of smooth and effective production of paper plates.

Hearby we introduce ourself as a leading manufacturer,trader,exporter and supplier of disposable items of machines and paper plate making macchine,paper plate dies,paper plate raw material,Agarbatti makin machine and many more.Though our company 7 years old with a trusted buisbess ehtics and planned with a great success to our customers buisness growth in their market and satisfaction to them with our reliable products.Jai Mata Di Enngeneering is looking forward to get connected and help our old and new customers to get in touch and get a good buisness deal from us.Before getting the product dilevery to our customers we check the machines and raw material by our experts and then approved the product to be sell in market fo better response.Further we always welcome to our new customers to our firm by providing various exiting and discount option to them.We do care for our clients and put our sincere and hard efforts to aatain them and get a big scale of buisness efforts to them by getting a heartsoul satisfaction from all of our customers.

All the machines can be seen in running condition at our factory

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